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Full Version: Video Production
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Anyone here make their own videos? Im not talking digital cam uploaded to YouTube. I want to make a "cartoonish" video describing the OP process and encapsulation for a website.
Hmmm...My reply didn't work....Have I hit my limit????

I make all my vids...But they are just like slide shows with photos...Nothing special

What program are you using? I was thinking more animation, but I think slides can work. Thanks!
Just Windows Live Movie Maker

It came with my computer.

I got a Dell. Big Grin
(10-28-2011, 11:33 AM)Brian R Wrote: [ -> ]I got a Dell. Big Grin

Where's the link to purchase a Dell thru your acct? LMAO! Big Grin

I think I got Movie Maker on my 6 y/o Sony VAIO...thanks!

I like to keep it basic. Wink
(10-28-2011, 02:25 PM)Brian R Wrote: [ -> ]I like to keep it basic. Wink

New acronym? KIBYA...Keep It Basic You A..... LOL

If your computer does not have Microsoft movie maker you can download it for free from Microsoft. Amazing that microsoft actually gives something away.


Heres the one I made as a joke.

Here is there link.
(11-29-2011, 02:15 PM)kingjoelking Wrote: [ -> ]Heres the one I made as a joke.

Here is there link.

OMFG! Too Funny!

Glad I wasnt on the road yet...wlda missed that one!
Down LaughingGood Job
I can't believe that has stayed up on youtube.

Samarich Man...