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Full Version: Pro-Team/Pro-Care 1500XP
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I just got a new vac as my twin motor Electrolux is starting to get a little tired. I purchased a Pro-Team 1500XP which is the same design under a different name. I recommend this vacuum to anyone out there looking for a new vac. Lots of power, great handle, 50 foot cord, and quick connect hose. It takes the sames bags as my old E-lux too. Has twin motors, gear driven brush roll and is built very well. I purchased it on ebay through centralvacworld with a winning bid of 165.00. Retails for about $500.00 and the Aerus(used to be the true Electrolux) version is $1,300.00. The only thing it doesn't have is the sidekick, which is a motorized attachment for stairs and furniture. I do miss that.
I just thought I'd put it out there if any of you Padders are looking for a new vac. This is a very cost effective alternative to the Pacer and I think is better IMO. Give it a look of any of you are looking for a twin motor upright.
wow Sounds like you got a really good deal Joe.
It's a good vac and a great price. I've been using that model for close to 2 years now and still like it.
Been leaning on one....thanks for the ebay info!
Man, does this mean I have t buy a vacuum now??ConfusedUndecidedSadcryingDodgyRolleyes