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Full Version: IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ok, a few months ago I get a letter from the IRS. A notice of deficiency. They were kind enough to change my taxes for 2011 and give me a nice bill.............After I looked over my tax records from 2011, I saw where I made an error....Oops I get on the phone instead of filling out the paperwork they sent and I paid via forward to today. I get a letter from the IRS. A notice of deficiency for 2011....Panic time......I call the IRS and get thru to someone....I let them know that I got the letter today....The woman asks for all my personal info(name, address, SSN) She then says that I owe $$$ from 2011....I tell her I already paid this a few months ago....She says(and I can't believe I heard this)that since I never sent paperwork saying I agreed to pay, that this is why they sent me another bill...I ask her that isn't it obvious I agreed to pay when I paid over the phone?..........She closed the account...........note to self, even if I don't think it makes sense, fill out paperwork even when I know they have computer records.