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Full Version: Blame Con Shultz
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Big Grin

Hi, I'm Shorty.

I come from the land Down Under.

Cairns, Far North Queensland, which is up near the pointy bit of Oz, on the east coast.

I'm about 467 miles south of the tip, & about 866 miles north of our state capital, Brisbane.

Those are direct air miles, not road.

This is in a response to Con wanting to know where people are located. LOL


Angel in banana bender country happy Beer
Didn't see the location post, BUT, I did see the "BLAME CON SCHULTZ" subject and, ABSOLUTELY couldn't pass this up...

Since this is your thread Shorty, I don't want to mess it up so I'll ask, can we also use this thread to come up with other things that we might be able to blame on Con?

Seemed like to large an opportunity to miss.. no hi-jacking, however....

I'll be dreaming up stuff in case you feel that it is 'ok'... :-).
Con wanted to know where people live/come from, hence my answer.

But, I'm easy, NOT CHEAP, PigsFly but easy. Big Grin

I'm waiting to hear what Con say's, other than that my Son, you have my blessing. LOL

Gawd, I feel like a full on Richard Cranium.

Only just seen that Con already has a couple of pages with people on board. BlushBlushBlushBlushBlush awwwman

Use Head

I'm goin' home.