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Full Version: this is how you pre scrub
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Only takes 2 hours per room to pre scrub like this, but if your not doing it by hand you are a hack. REAL men pre scrub by hand!!

Was that gum?

Part of the new El Sonicare system?
(10-30-2013, 09:21 AM)Lefty724 Wrote: [ -> ]Was that gum?

Part of the new El Sonicare system?

I don't know what that was, I just squirted heck gel on the whole carpet, pre scrubbed with EL carpet shark, then followed with

El sonicare extraction. The whole thing only took me 8 hours.

LOW cost start up, portability, doors remain closed, library quiet, dry in one hour, and no repapering stains. AF tests show it out cleans all other systems*.

(when followed by HWE rotovac cleaning and rinse and post dry pad cleaning*)
Andy I can see that you are a dedicated man and I commend you for thatLOL May I suggest you get a pair of happy knees better known as knee pads.
You may suggest,,

However, I don't take advice from non members. You know what you need to do to gain membership.
were you scrubbing in a random orbit or just in a circle it makes a big difference you know

I use my crest battery powered tooth brush (can't afford a fancy sonic care )
I do a whole house special for 39.95 and my target drive up to drive off time is 11 hours.
I live in a cardboard box under a viaduct. Smile

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