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Full Version: Shorty's trip for Jim
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Fantastic trip Jim, I pretty much remember the whole areas I traveled.

The good, the bad, the sad, the beautiful, the ugly and the funny sides.

Tijuana was an eye opener, the poverty and pollution was overwhelming.

Getting my back pocket sliced open in some markets and losing AU$1,400.00, ouch.

Learned there and then to carry a money belt inside my pants and a wallet with not much money in the wallet + a credit card that was maxed out.

Driving out of Tijuana, had armed soldiers on either side of the road every fifty yards.

I stopped at a dam to take some photos and before I knew it, had a jeep alongside me and soldiers pointing their weapons at me.

Explained to them what I was doing but they just wanted me in the car and out of there.

I went.

Terrific memories, and the great part was that I hardly spent a night in a hotel or motel, apart from in the major cities, (which I detest).

Even when I was in Mexico a family befriended me & I stayed a night with them.

All because I offered to hold the baby while the mother cooked me a meal in their little roadside cafe between Tijuana & Tecate.

Our language barrier was solved with sign language, beer bottles and their limited English. Beer Big Grin

The old plank Rd (think that's what it was called) near Yuma must have been an incredible trip early last century.

I spent St Patricks Day in Sedona, stayed in Oak Creek Canyon for a few nights.

Staying in Flag; I ventured out to many old reservations, including those built into the cliffs.

The art of the Navajo & Pueblo really fascinated me, so much culture there, it's amazing.

The architecture of the old buildings in Albuquerque really got to me, love them.

Up through the Rockies to Denver, magic country.

Crikey, never seen so many religious temples as I saw in Salt Lake City, fairly scared a bush bloke.

Coming back over Bay Bridge into San Francisco was a sight to behold, after coming down from the cold of Reno.

But I was oh so glad to get into the Ala Moana on Waikiki Beach to relax in the sunshine again.

To top it off, a few years back I moved into a house in Moana Close in Cairns, which brought back some nice memories.

But it was nothing like in Hawaii.

Hey Shorty, sorry about the delay, you can tell how often I read my boards. That would have been an interesting trip and I've been to some of those areas in Arizona and they're truly beautiful of also been to Hawaii which is my absolute favorite. Someday I'll get to Australia there is truly a lot of beauty there as you well know. After all I did see the movie Quigley down under :-). Thanks, Jim
Crikey Jim, this slipped under the radar. Blush

Always a spare hammock out by the croc pool mate when you get here. Wink


i never saw this either. WOW, how long of a trip did you take Shorty? was Delia with you? sounds like a month-long vaca clap

they say visiting Mexico's "back-country" like you did can be an amazing thing, it can also be very dangerous Shoot you I will get you Duel Yikes when we go down there, we stick to the resort areas along the Yucatan Beer but i am sure you saw the "real" Mexico more than we ever have!
Hi Derek, this was back in February of 1980.

I had eleven weeks over there all up.

This was before I met Delia, (I was in-between). Big Grin

Single, & had money. Toot Horn

This was the time of massive flooding all down the east coast, I drove from San Francisco - LA - San Diego and over the border into Tijuana.

Rained all the way until just south of San Diego.

I think it was Denver where most of the road bridges had been washed away during the flooding leaving only an old 100 year old bridge standing along with a couple of others.

When I attended my first Connections, we picked up a car in Vegas and drove straight to Williams where we stayed overnight.

Into the Grand Canyon (south side) next morning, then Flagstaff, Sedona and back to Vegas over the Hoover Dam.

I generally hire a car when we go over there, don't mind driving on the wrong side of the road. Big Grin

Angel hatsoff
way back in time then Good Job

our West Coast is your East Coast i guess Tongue

Also spent a week in Hawaii on the way home.

Other trips have seen us into Minneapolis, (Steve Andrews), Chcicago (Jon Don & also Lisa Wagner), Joliet, south of Chicago (Suede Products), Niagara Falls & L.A. for a break as well as Vegas about 4-5 times for Connections & Leather with Tony Wheelwright.

Use Head
we're about 90 minutes SE of the Falls Big Grin great place to visit! we went there for our 1st anniversary back in the early 90's
So I would think you are back somewhere towards Syracuse????

We landed at Buffalo from Chicago, then taxi to the Falls and back a few days later.