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[attachment=465][attachment=465]Forgive me a tad, because I am completely new to carpet cleaning. My biggest fear in going in business is not actually learning the process, but getting customers to pay the bills. I was hung up on it for some time, but after a few short weeks, I have found the best and most effective way to get clients, at least the clients i am going after anyway....Commercial accounts.
I know it may sound odd, but nothing beats pounding the streets and getting face to face with the decision maker. Spending money on postcards or letters probably work, but actually walking in, throwing your hand out and looking him in the eyes while you do your initial presentation is all I have done, and it has worked very very well. One point to remember is I truly believe in my vlm process and the trinity. I have also been told numerous times, that my excitement about my business and my sincere attitude toward customer service bleeds from my veins. In order to market your service, you first have to believe in your service. Savvy customers can tell when a vendor comes in, and their eyes light up with dollar signs. Offer the customer value, and ways to help solve their problems, and you will gradually overcome barriers. I dont get every commercial account I walk in to, and I dont get the chance to talk to every decision maker, but when I do, magic happens.....Point being, just a few hours ago, I was awarded a contract for a hotel that pays $1560 for each carpet cleaning. This is done twice a year. Tile and grout, plus furniture is cleaned once per year and is a separate charge. I also got a separate invoice for the attached bar and the attached restaurant. Gotta love it.

Many receive not because they sell not.
Double "like"!!!!!!

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I suggest you consider a letter for the folks you don't meet, which will always be more than you meet. Also some type of follow up system like a card box or crm so you can make calls and send letters on a regular basis.

Sounds like your off to a good start. Good luck
Ok, the official 1st day of work has now come & gone.... What's da story???

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I'm interested as well. I'm also going to move this discussion to the business section....
(03-10-2014, 01:57 AM)Coby Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, the official 1st day of work has now come & gone.... What's da story???

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Well, I already said I got the one hotel.....Pretty big job, but I wont do it actually until next week. However when I do it, I'll be doing the hallways first, and the attached bar and restaurant..... I ended up getting the Comfort Inn that is right next to it as well, but again, They want to wait until the bad weather is behind us. I have another hotel in limbo that hasnt gave me a definite yet so we will see.
Another thing that has worked well is to send my wife out to do demo's. She went out last week to a few apartments to do demo's, and every one of them called back and basically said when can I start.....They have me in the lineup from here on out. I should start cleaning these places in the next few weeks when apartments open up.
I also got a chain of 3 local dvd rental stores. These places are cleaned quarterly, and wont be ready until April. They have alot more in the region that I have a shot at I guess, but I'm not pushing my limits until I see how everything else pans out.
My first week at business has been basically setting the stage. Getting work lined up and making contacts. My first actual day of paid customers was Saturday though, all residential, and after the first one, the rest was neighbors and family of my first customer. I'm not claiming to know everything by any means, but I gotta say, the results that my customer seen pretty much gained me the referrals. I arrived onsite at 9 am, and I was done with my day by 1 or so, and made $590. I'm not complaining. On top of all of that, two of my customers that I had Saturday has already referred others......So we'll see.
Now, the only problem I did run across, was I guess caused by vacuuming damp carpet and causing a clog in my vacuum, which inturn started to overheat my motor, so I had to switch out and finish the day. Good thing I brought 2 vacuums with me.......A little common sense that Coby shared with me, and in a few weeks, I'll have a second trinity to complete my van.
Additional update.....It appears that I am a full time cleaner now. Got a few more apartments, some restaurants, and several residentials. All by either word of mouth, or rubbing bellies with the decision makers......But dont discount free advertising either......I placed a free ad on Craigslist, updated it every other day, and got 1 job off of it.......1 Job that paid 140, but the cost of advertising was zero.....Just a little time. It might not bring in thousands, but every job counts in my eyes, and if I can spend 30 minutes a week posting an ad for me to get 1 job that pays 140, that takes me an hour and a half to do, then I think I've gotten ahead of the game.........I've also had a press release with the local newspaper. They are going to come out and do an interview with us about the newly formed company, and have it put in the Sunday's edition business section.....Another free advertising method......I've started a facebook page.....Not saying I got anything from them yet, but what I did, was have a promotion where people could share my post with there friends, and automatically be entered to win a free 3 room cleaning.......I gave away a 3 room clean for free, done the job yesterday, and picked up the parents of the residence and their neighbor so far......Basically gave away 1 to gain 2 more....

Well, that's my story, entering week 3.....Its not slowing down any.....Picking up work daily it seems like. I have focused alot on what no one else in my area can offer, and that is fast dry times.....Seems customers are very receptive to that.....Another thing that I have learned is Apartment managers eyes light up if you offer other services besides just floor care.....I have picked up a few by offering housekeeping services as well.....We can do the housekeeping, and clean the carpet on the same day, saving the managers time and money.......So far, our apartments have doubled in price because of it.
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I hope you realize, if you're willing, and even happy, to go out knocking on doors and meet people face-to-face, just how far ahead of the game you really are. That's a huge stumbling block for many of us.
(03-25-2014, 07:30 AM)Wayne Miller Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you realize, if you're willing, and even happy, to go out knocking on doors and meet people face-to-face, just how far ahead of the game you really are. That's a huge stumbling block for many of us.

Well, I'm willing to go get the work myself.(not really happy) I dont mind talking to people and to drum up work that way........So far, its really all been with commercial places, and not necessarily door to door on residentials. This method was born out of necessity though......I was willing to do it, because I didnt want to spend money on advertising. Other than a little money here and there, I have spent nothing on advertising, and thats how I like it at the moment.......Wanting to establish some form of advertising in the future, but a it appears, I'm swamped with work 6 days a week and booked up for the next 2 weeks so far so, I am starting to believe I dont neccesarily have to spend much......I talked to some wise men on this matter, and I am planning on taking 1 afternoon a week just to work on contacting additional clients so I can continue to remain booked......
I did do an apartment yesterday.....8100 sq ft total by myself....Not to bad......Before I knew It, I had the entire Indian congregation following me around and checking out the process......They loved the work, and as a reward, picked up all the tile and grout in the place........Including 150 bathrooms.........The hard part is getting in the door, but once there, my process gets me more work. Just wish there was more time in the day, or I wish Coby would move to the Bluegrass state soon. Either of the two would be beneficial to me
Your too much younger than me ... I might hurt myself trying to keep up oh 'sleepless wonder machine' ... SOMEHOW thinking that this business may just work out for you!

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If there's one secret to marketing success, it's this: attitude. Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.