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Full Version: Spot n boot rescue
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Got a call the other day form a lady I cleaned for a few months ago. She was in a panic, her dog got a hold of an ink pen or marker and spilled ink on the carpet. I thought it would just be a small spot I could take care of with blot of the rag.

Turnned out to be a HUGE amount , spred over a 18 inch diameter area, with 2 spots being real heavy deposits. I started up the TM, loaded the area with spot n boost, and about 6 or 7 passes and 2 more shoots of Spot n boost, ALL GONE.

I was a hero for a moment in time.
♫ ♫ You are the wind beneath my wings ♫ ♫

Now I got that song stuck in my head.
interesting... & surprised

Good job Andy!

How is the sale thing going?