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Full Version: Do you wash dirty bonnets every day?
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Sometimes we only have a couple dirty ones at the end of a day. Doesn't make much sense to me to run the washer machine for just a couple. What are some of you guys doing in this situation?
Keep them wet until you have enough to do. They will clean up much easier and better. For instance if you let glad pads dry up before cleaning, they will always look very dirty.
Only thing you can do is put them in 5 gallon buckets under water. You will need to put a product of your choice to keep bacteria from growing, they will start to smell after 24 hours in warm weather. Many days I soak mine overnight before washing them.
Yes. If I only have a couple of dirty pads, I'll soak them in a bucket or tote with a scoop of any hwe prespray until I have a few more to wash. Never had a problem.

If you do let them dry dirty, they will stay stained forever.

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I don't wash daily as I have an abundance of pads - and apparently they are all dingy as I don't worry about keeping them wet or anything while waiting to be washed.
It was rare for me to ever have a day where there were only two dirty pads. In fact I don't think that was ever the case. That aside, I wash the pads at the end of the work day.
Been trying everything to bleach out my glad pads. Wish I could get them back to looking even close to new....anyone have any tips? Kind of embarrassing when my customers see them.

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sorry no tip here. what i do is put a couple of white glads or cotton on the top of them and always keep them there in the Client's home....or a couple of MF's.