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Ryan, i love your site and logo. did the wrap-company in NJ do it for you? nothing stands out to me like retro Exclamation 

have you had the wrap and logo long?

have you gotten any business from it?

how long have you been in business?

thanks   Beer
i see your design on their site, nice! that company is super talented. i hope you don't mind that i show off your wrap to the gang is posted on their site with your logo. maybe this will give some of us here the idea to update our own logo and wrap Idea

here is this company's site for any interested, they are out of NJ

[Image: leaseend_vehicle.jpg?lightbox]
I've been to their site and talked to them about 4 years or so ago. Agreed, amazing work! They charge a premium, but it's worth it.
That is some amazing branding. I'm sure it really stands out as your driving around town. Congratulations !

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Hi Derek,

I've been in business for 8yrs. We launched this new website about a year ago. I've had the vans wrapped for 2 years. I don't know the exact ROI but we do ask every client that calls in how they found us or why they chose our company. A very surprising amount simply say I saw your van at a red light or in my neighborhood. Sometimes I offer someone a business card and they just whip out their phone and snap a pic of the van. The cost of the logo design and wrap design was well worth it and I would recommend Graphic D Signs to anyone looking for a premium brand. 

You probably noticed the tagline says the Finest in Steam Cleaning. Luckily when they installed the wraps, they just lettered the tagline on. We've removed that tagline because we have ditched the truckmounts and made the switch to Encapsulation cleaning and PadCap. Our new tagline is Traditional Values, Innovative Solutions.
I understand if you don't want to answer but what was the charge for design and wrap?
(03-27-2016, 01:14 PM)saabtrash Wrote: [ -> ]I understand if you don't want to answer but what was the charge for design and wrap?

They designed the logo, business cards, stationary, and van wrap for a little over $9,000.
That is a lot of money, no?

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it is compared to most other grafx companies Jeff, but i doubt anyone who pays it regrets it. i got a great value on mine @ $2k, but it isn't a full wrap either.
Wow those are nice wraps

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