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Full Version: This area rug stinks
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I have a question for Joel or anyone with area rug experience.  

A good customer of mine gave me an area rug 6x15, olefin, with olefin backing.  The thing smelled of old musty rug. I don't know how to describe it other than old musty rug smell.  I cleaned it good with a little Hot Knife and Peroxcellent.  When it dried it still smelled.  I went back and soaked it good with Encap-a-cide, (label says skunks, cadaver, etc) I used dry pads to dry it and left the Encap_a_cide in the rug to dry.  Then I vacuumed it VERY well.  It still stunk the same.  I went back and washed it.  Lots of water, washed out most of the Encap-a-cide, used a water claw to get the water out of the rug, went over it several times with dry pads to get it as dry as possible, then hung it up to air dry with good circulation all around it.  When dry it still stunk as bad as ever.  This thing will stink up a room if you leave it in your house.

It is not any external pet odor or any external cause.  The rug just smells "old rug".  If you ever walked into your great-grandma's house you probably remember the smell I'm talking about.

What will it take to fix this thing??  Any help appreciated.

Put it under a tarp with an ozone machine. Or on a clear summer day leave it out in the sun all day.
If you have an ozone machine that would work,

I had one 100% olefin rug that was like that and the rug was in a flood and not properly dried fast so it had a bad odor. Some of those rugs can buckle if you put them in a pit of water for a few hours so i did not pit wash mine and had problems removing odor. I did not have encapacide or silver and peroxide so i used a few odor products and tried osr product and could not remove odor. I tried bleach but was afraid to go to strong and soak rug overnight-----probably what rug needed. I tkiink it was hard to rinse bleach out so it had a little bleach odor after trying to use a truck mount to flush rug.
I would rather give rug back and not charge for it instead of having to pay for it even if it was only a $300 rug.

If you have soaked it and it did not buckle and ripple you could pit wash it with a strong product that kills bacteria. Or you need to block rug by setting up tack strips and attaching rug to them while cleaning in a pit.Some of those rugs have a cheap piping that can lose shape so you have to test and be careful.

Possibly bacteria causing odor so you need to soak rug with a product that kills bacteria.
You must decide how much you want to spend on a product to make it worth having it on your shelf.
There are options mentioned in the thread on carpet sanitizing.
The mild products safe for your lungs will need straight product and a few days to remove odor
The strong stuff you can nuke the carpet with is Quat.  Amm. Chloride here is one link

There are a few other brands that sell similar type of quat products. Judson has one

You need to protect lungs and skin
BTW, Encap-A-Cide is for ORGANIC ODORS such as Pee, skunk spray, etc. ... same with the competitive "Cide" products.   I don't believe you are dealing with anything organic.
(04-18-2016, 02:32 PM)Steve Smith Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, Encap-A-Cide is for ORGANIC ODORS such as Pee, skunk spray, etc. ... same with the competitive "Cide" products.   I don't believe you are dealing with anything organic.

Thanks for reminding me of that Steve.  I was disappointed that it did not help the odor.  Now I know why.