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Full Version: 2016 HWE vs VLM Competition 2016
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great vid, thanks for sharing. who was behind the camera?

that Eracer looks pretty sweet.
As a guy who does both methods... I have no idea why they soaked their side sooooo much! Especially with a spinner tool

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i was surprised as well! i assumed they had enough suck to pull most of it all out.?. i was still shocked at how much h2o they put down wow
As a guy who also does dual method, I also found it very odd at alot of things the hwe attempted, but then it dawned on me.  Alot of those guys are accustom to only cleaning clean carpet.....or lightly soiled........I just dont think they have enough experience on the truly trashed.
Always fun and entertaining to see the competitions.
Always easy to be couch coach after the fact.

Tough place to leave carpet for a day with a line down the middle. Better to make it look the way it did before they started by causing wick back.Evenly gross and brown.

Both sides needed to be cleaned different.

No vac system will work on glue down full of that much soil because of air flow ---but using encap with hwe and applying heavy encap after clean and using less water -----And the pad side needed much more product and about five more pads unless we did not see all the details. Peroxide with the encap would help too.

No matter how that carpet was cleaned it needed encap to keep the soil from coming to top and then some blend and mend to improve wear pattern.

After three times of padding with a heavy mix of encap it would start to look ok.
After three times of hwe using regular hwe prespray it would look the same.