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Full Version: Upholstery - What's Your Process?
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Do you prefer VLM or HWE? 

In my experience I've always preferred HWE for residential (though both will work). My preference for commercial is VLM. 

What are your steps?
1.Spray with Encap Green
2. agitate with some sort of brush, perhaps with my hand buffer
3. Extract with my portable extractor - although I don't use heat.  Lightly mist with the tool and suck.
4. might take a MF towel and wipe the arms and other areas that were bad to get as much dirt out as possible.
5. Blow air with a fan on cleaned pieces as I do other work.

Sometimes when someone just wants a small area done, like just the arms, I'll spray with Encap Green, agitate and towel.  That seems to work pretty good.  

While I hate dislike getting my portable out of the trailer with all the accompanying laying out hoses and lines that goes with it, I haven't gotten my head in the right place to NOT use extraction when cleaning big pieces of upholstery.