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Full Version: Charging by the Hour???
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Has anybody ever considered charging by the hour for carpet cleaning?  I just wonder if it would eliminate the problems with charging by the room, sq. ft., etc, but it would probably make more problems. I know that many service industries charge by the hour (electricians, irrigation repair, plumbers, house keepers).  I am pondering if having a rate of $100 per hour, fully inclusive (spot work and all) would make any sense.  Or...would I be losing a ton of money.  People would probably watch you like a hawk and accuse you of taking too long.  Any thoughts?
Yeah I have thought about it.....but then I re-thought and rejected it.

First thing is I want to make MORE than $100 and hour at the job site, because I want to average hopefully $100 an hour average with travel time.  I really don't think any customers will hire a carpet cleaner when they say "I'll clean for $125 an hour."  Like you said, if they did they'd be watching you like a hawk.  Try to stop to take a drink, go to the bathroom, empty the vacuum cleaner.....all those things will be seen by an unhappy customer.

But I do like the fact you are tthinking outside the box!
for the same reasons as Barry i rejected the thought. if i had a guy in my home charging 100+ by the hour i would be making sure he was hustling...he would feel my presence I will get you