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Full Version: Pads for Orek Orbiter
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If anyone uses the Orek Orbiter for stair cleaning, what is your process and what type of pads do you use.  I have a stepson, but I have been trying to speed things up a bit by also using the Orek Orbiter.  The problem I am having, besides keeping the velcro attachment on when switching stairs, is finding a pad that works.  When I pull the pads off it seems to destroy them.  I have tried the super zorb pads, gladiator pads, and a smaller micro-fiber blue pad from Direct Mop Sales.  They all get destroyed when taking them off.
this has been talked about a couple times in recent months on the various forums. i assume you are using the stock hook&loop head on the Orbiter??

if so, you need to run it on concrete until all the nubs are worn down to nothing. then gorilla glue or marine goop a round piece of velcro onto it. make sense? or are you having another issue??
Derek is right. get rid of the nubs, glue on some Velcro and you're good to go....
Where do you get the round velcro from? Got a link to it?

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