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Full Version: New Spotter Bottles
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Just got my new spotter bottles in! I ordered through Prolific Prints/Ryan Kettering and they turned out great. Encap Green is from Damon. I'd recommend both of them!
I'm interested in seeing if you think they help retain customers.  I did that for awhile and I didn't seem to get much feedback either way.  No one was "wow, thanks that's nice you are giving me a spotter bottle" and I haven't had anyone say to me "Aren't you giving out spotter bottles anymore" or even "wow that spotting stuff you gave me last time worked great!"  Or for that matter, I called you this time because you gave me a spotter bottle last time.

It just another piece of the puzzle to retain customers and maybe I'm discounting it too much.
I've passed out two so far and had positive reactions to both. I don't know if they'll help retain customers or if a customer will call back specifically because of them but I think it's another moment of truth to help them remember us and leave a positive impression.