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Full Version: Free Hall with every cleaning!
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You'd think after 22 years in the biz I'd have decisions/ideas/ways of doing things already figured out - but I don't.  I'd like to think I'm a flexible thinker rather than a person who can't make a decision.

I'm thinking raising my prices again - back to previous levels that  I had for awhile but lowered because I felt business was affected for whatever reasons - economy/cheapskate customers/etc.

This time I'm going to offer "FREE hallway with every cleaning".  (size restrictions will be in place) My minimum charge will do 3 rooms plus the free hallway. or maybe a smaller size bathroom if they don't have a hallway.

QUESTION for anyone who might have the same offer: If someone does NOT have a hallway or a bath to clean, would you discount an area the amount you'd normally charge for the hallway.  In other words, the  customer is only cleaning 4 rooms and has nothing else to clean so you'll discount the price of a hallway on the 4th room. OR do you say "sorry the free hall is just that...a free hall"

I'm leaning towards the "no discounting rooms"  policy.

What say you?
Don't discount if they don't have a hallway. Discounted add-on would be better, imo. Maybe offer another area at a discount, discounted protector or something along those lines. 

What size restrictions are you considering?
Whenever I've given a free hall in the past I've always limited it to what I tell people is a "standard" width (3.5' to 4') hall up to 20' long. Which means  about 80sq/ft or less.  I charge $1 a linear foot for standard width halls.  So if the hall turns out to be 30' long ($30 value) and they are getting a free hall discount I'd only charge them $10 for the 30' hall.

I don't think I was clear in my original post about discounting if they don't have a hall to give them for free.  

Remember I was pondering raising my prices slightly and offering a free hall with every cleaning.  
Right now my minimum is $100 for 3 rooms.
My new minimum charge would be $120 for 3 rooms and the free hall.  
If they had 4 rooms and a free hall the charge would be $160.00.  

But if they don't have a hall and want to clean 4 rooms do I reduce the $160 to $140 (reducing the price by $20 for the hall they are NOT doing) ?

do I still charge $160 and it's just tough luck that they don't have a hall to do for free?
How about $30.00 per room and hallways $20.00 (if it's within your allowable size). $110.00 is a nice number, imo. This would save you from having to explains the 'terms' of your deal. Offer flat rate protector for traffic areas only at a discount.
I've been offering this for years. Free hallway only. I have a 3 room minimum and charge a flat $45 per room. So $135 for 3 regular size rooms and a normal size hallway.