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Full Version: Just like G.W. Bush said...."Not gonna do it!"
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For the 2nd time in 23 years I walked away from a job.  It was 3 rooms (LivDinFam) -each with 4' to 5' wide BLACK traffic lanes thru-out the rooms.  Old, old carpet that I think at one time was white or maybe a light gray.  In addition in one room, in one area there were dried, small pieces of dog shoot spread out.  The owner had told me they were on a tight budget and needed to have it cleaned due to an upcoming Health inspection.

I looked at it and told her I wouldn't be able to do anything for them.  I suggested Stanley Steemer.  LOL

Carpet definitely was way, way beyond saving.  It was unsanitary for them and for me if I cleaned, and would have taken time to go thru and clean/sanitize equipment - on top of the fact if I had tried to clean it I'd have been there all day for a 1 hour job.  

How many of you have walked away from jobs like this? Would you have tried to clean?

edit: I didn't say dog shoot but I guess this is a G rated website!  LOL
IMO, you certainly did the right thing!

In my early days of cleaning I would not walk away from anything and I learned a great deal from the bad ones.  However, after a ton of experience under my belt I never hesitated to walk-away from jobs like the one you described.  My techs were instructed to do the same.

I've walked away from a few. In the scheme of things the lost job once in a blue moon doesn't add up to much.