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Full Version: Workorder form
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I was looking through some of my old computer files and found a copy of the workorder that we used when I had my cleaning company.

It occurred to me that some of the folks that are just getting started might like to have a copy of it to aid them in designing their own.

Hope this helps someone.

(09-15-2010, 05:43 AM)Steve Smith Wrote: [ -> ]......................Hope this helps someone.

It did. Me.


You should make a section like an ocibr share graphics, etc... thing.
Thanks Steve. I like them much more than
mine. Anything else that you may want to
share with us ? Idea
[quote='Nick P' pid='1125' dateline='1287178389']
Thanks Steve. I like them much more than
mine. Anything else that you may want to
share with us ?

...for FREE! Tongue

Kind of nostalgic seeing this form. I had received a copy of your invoice six years ago from my brother Doug.. I had modified it over the years, but didn’t remember where it originated. It has served me well. Thanks.
Here's the ones I use. They are from Service Monster but I printed and made copies for duplicates.


Yours look almost 100% exactly like did mine from ServiceMonster.  I don't believe the new owners have changed them at all.

I really like the freedom of using the 'blank' lines to write out details even though we mostly filled in several lines of the form depending on the request via the phone/email order with the customer's name, mailing address and job address already filled out for myself/technician doing the job. 

I like the waiver information on Steve's forms with the initial blocks depending on the customer you are working for...  :-).
Coby did you see the date on Brians post ? taptap LOL
Was just 'bouncing' on/off real quick.... Showed current/new to me (didn't look at the date).... Duh. Was thrilled to think that he was back....

Can't even blame this on the stroke/current health or anything else.... Just too big of a hurry....

Thanks for pointing it out, nice to be 'loved' :-).