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Full Version: Invitation to "Greatness" from Larry
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Next week, Wednesday @ 7pm Eastern and Thursday @ 1pm Eastern I am doing free Introductory live conference calls to tell you about my award-winning "One Year to Greatness" program.

OYTG (gosh, my fingers get tired typing "One Year to Greatness), over the past four years, has helped many owners of small businesses transform their businesses from "what it is today" into "what you want it to be tomorrow."

It's a unique format - part seminar, part workshop, part group coaching, and part private coaching.

We cover every aspect of promoting and managing your business - to better manage and systemize it, to better attract new customers and retain them into becoming lifetime clients, and to develop an exit strategy to make your business worth more and become easier to sell to finance your retirement when that time comes.

If you have found that my posts on this forum and my Cleanfax articles to be helpful, you will find OYTG to be your catalyst to a more expansive future and a more profitable, more sustainable, more enjoyable business.

For connection information send me an email at and put OYTG Vacaway in the subject line. If you have any questions you can phone me at 219-464-9463.

Larry Galler
Small Business Greatness Coach

No disrespect intended, but please answer me this....

Why do companies dangle a carrot? I'm trying the "outta da box" approach...I call it the straight forward truth.

So after the free call or whatever (smells like a Howard or Joe infomercial) what do your services cost?

Thank you.
Marc, no disrespect taken - you have a legitimate question which deserves a legitimate answer:
The reason people dangle the carrot is to create interest, a feeling of anticipation and desire so that people will buy what they sell.

I will attempt to explain this two ways - my "Private Coaching Services" and my "One Year to Greatness" program.

My Private Coaching programs are all custom depending on the duration of the project and amount of my involvement. I have had clients who have paid as little as a few hundred dollars for a few meetings, others have paid many thousands over the course of multiple years where I work on a revolving basis with executives and staff, facilitate strategy sessions, etc. So the answer is sort of like "how much does it cost to clean a carpet" without knowing whether it is a 200 sq. ft. carpet or a ten story hotel... each project is different and I quote each after a (hate to use this term now) free Introductory Session.

In the case of "One Year to Greatness," it is a one year, structured program. We meet in a live, small group, "conference call" setting every two weeks. So there are 26 one-hour meetings covering just about every aspect of promoting and managing a small business. Before every one of these meetings I send forms, notes, diagrams, etc. as appropriate to the subject matter and the people in the group. After every meeting I send additional material based on what came up in the meeting. Additionally, there are three one-hour private coaching meetings with me to discuss each person's individual, issues in a private setting. There is no way I can explain the depth of this program and the transformations I have witnessed in many (not all) of the businesses and business owners over the course of our year of working together in a few paragraphs. It is difficult to do it in the "Introductory Call" which takes about an hour even with a Q & A session. (I will attach the Schedule of Sessions to this post)

In order to get people to buy this program I have to explain it.

If you have read my posts over the months since Steve invited me to be part of this forum, I hope you see that I am also a no B.S. type of guy. I don't drape myself over my Acura, I don't tell you that "tonight I'm going to reveal, for the first time, my secret strategy," I don't hug celebrities while smiling for the camera... it offer well founded advice and opinions. My program requires that the people who want to build a Great Business will work at it, not expect some bolt of "success" lightening to hit them in exchange for a few bucks.

I have invested a great deal of time and effort in creating this program. It works to help owners of small businesses significantly grow profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses. In order to tell what the program is I need to tell people about it. I know that the people who have gone through it will tell you (and I am happy to share names and phone numbers of a number of them and yes I have their permission to do so) about the program and their results. I'm not ashamed of the cost. It isn't a secret... the reason I was awarded membership in The Society of Innovators is because I was able to design and deliver this comprehensive business-building program with this level of personal attention for such a reasonable cost... but it will not seem to be a reasonable cost if I can't take the time to tell you more about it and that is why I hold this Introductory Call.

That's it. Steve, sorry to take up this amount of space on this Board. Marc, I hope I have answered your question. If you, or anyone else, wants more info please phone me at 219-464-9463. I'm happy to explain more. If you would like to be on the call send me an email to and put "oytg vacaway" in the subject line. I'll send you connection info and more material by reply email.

Larry Galler
Great stuff, Larry! Thank you for taking the time to type all that.

What time of day are these sessions held (after the Intro call)?

And, is this for the owner/ operator that never, ever, ever wants to hire?

(I would call, but I think Q & A here may clear the air for more than just me)
Larry.... are you kidding about taking up so much space? LOL

You take all the space that you need to answer questions my friend.Wink
Thanks Marc, almost all the "One Year to Greatness" groups have met at 7pm Eastern time (4pm Pacific) but I'm flexible on that if the group prefers a different time. I had one group a couple years ago that met at 2pm Eastern (10am Pacific).

About 85% - 90% of the material is appropriate for the owner operator with no employees and no desire for any (after owning two businesses with about 50 employees I've been working solo for almost 20 years now so I well understand the question). There are a few sessions where we talk about hiring / training / delegating / performance reviews / etc. but a good portion of these are applicable to one-person businesses who outsource some work to others like accountants, print shops / graphic designers or bring in "affiliates" to add capacity or specialized expertise when needed.

Larry Galler
Small Business Greatness Coach
Steve, maybe you shouldn't have said that because I'm occasionally out of breath but never short of words!
(09-10-2011, 08:21 AM)Larry Galler Wrote: [ -> ]Steve, maybe you shouldn't have said that because I'm occasionally out of breath but never short of words!

If I had your or Wayne Miller's abilities and skills in the use of words, I would be a Jillianaire by now. hatsoff
Steve, it's a good thing I'm pretty good with words because I learned back in high school that working with chemicals is far too dangerous for me. Now the only chemicals I mix is an occasional gin and tonic (and even that can be dangerous - maybe I'd be better off just using the tonic!).
The tonic just makes the gin not work properly. Stick with the gin, lose the tonic.Big Grin
I have worked with Larry a few years and can tell ya this, he knows his stuff, he is extreemly knowledgable and he will benefit your business.
(09-10-2011, 10:23 PM)John Geurkink Wrote: [ -> ]I have worked with Larry a few years and can tell ya this, he knows his stuff, he is extreemly knowledgable and he will benefit your business.

Thanks John, I appreciate your comments.