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Full Version: Remembering "Ian Thompson"
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I remember Ian so very well. I met at a carpet cleaner's get-to-gether in Atlanta a year or so before 911. The man was nuts about boiled peanuts... funny thing, but that is one thing to remember about him.

He was a fellow carpet cleaner and 911 victim. I'm sure some of you will remember him too.

I was just watching the 911 memorial on CNN and they slowly flashed almost 3000 names across screen one by one. I watched and waited until I saw Ian's. It made tears roll down my checks.

Very sad!

[Image: ian.jpg]
Damn..That's something else. Sorry for the loss to his family and friends.

I didn't know him. Not sure if I ever met him. But he sounds like an awesome guy.

I never knew Ian, but I do remember his posts on the ICS board. Seems like that all just happened yesterday!

Wow I hadn't heard about him being there, that's terrible.

Was he there cleaning?
He worked in one of the towers... He was also a volunteer EMT.

I believe it was reported that he was seen on the ground, but he obviously went back in trying to help others... He died as a hero!

Thanks for the reminder. I knew of Ian's passing and had forgotten his loss. Shame on me!