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Full Version: Ok tomorrow got a....
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Typical Biege Freze; Noticed a red spot in master bedroom that was well down into the lower portion of the pile; it is only visible if you push the pile back. They were amazed at how well I cleaned the carpet which was really kinda dirty for 30 days after install.

So what should I try from the sample kit to remove the red stain and dazzle this retired Army Colonel?

All the urgency on this so I can do this when I pick up Dehu's and fans from drying service they insisted on!!
try spot N boost to see if the spot moves at all, you might be able to lighten it a bit with that, then follow up with Red Vanish.

Or just use the Red Vanish first. It works great on red dye stains, especially (I think) #40, which is found in lots of drinks like kool-aid and fruit punch.

Good luck man.
Thanks for the tip. I will try it this morning.
Ok; Tried spot n boost and it removed most of the red spot; but when I added red vanish and it disappeared. Awesome pair; couldn't ask for a better outcome. Couldn't do photos because custy did't want his bedroom photographed; can't say I blame him.

Best thing was is all I did was apply and push down on the rag, and bob's your uncle it was gone!!
Right on, glad to hear. It's a great feeling being the Hero.
I have done this usually a much harder way in the past; But Vacaway Chems so far has made Herodom easier.