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Full Version: Another Sandless Refinishing Thread
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I've got a sandless refinishing job next week 725 sq ft. I have used a polymer finish product (lamanator plus) but have not used a polyurethane product like Tykote or WoodSolv.

WoodSolv is one less step and is cheaper. Tykote (from what I have studied) has a bonding agent and then the finish which makes it more expensive. Also, the Tykote system uses the Dirt Dragon. Couple of questions I guess.

1) Any comments from someone who has used either of these products. What did the floors look like when they were done? Anybody know the durability of either?

2) What is the Dirt Dragon? Is it a buffer with water added? I would imagine you could use there products without using the Dirt Dragon as long as you clean the floor really well?

I haven't used either product.

But the Dirt Dragon is the floor machine, kinda' like an auto scrubber, but made for the wood floor industry. I don't see why you couldn't just use a red pad and shop vac to clean the floor, and then mop it up with clean water. Or possible just using some damp glad pads, or super zorbs?

Let us know how it turns out, pics would be great. I'm getting into this right now and could use all the tips I can get. I'm just planning on using my Orbot, some red pads, and a shop vac with a squeegee head on it.
Yeah, I will take some pictures.

When I have done it in the past, I did not use a squeegee. I did not get the floor wet enough to need a squeegee. Sprayed on the cleaner, scrubbed with a red pad and damp mopped it 3 times and finished it off with some denatured alcohol and a towel for good measure (don't know if that was necessary).

I would like to know what the most durable product is for the customer b/c they are all going to look good when complete. Which one is going to hold up the best?Huh[/i]