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For owner operators - how many services is too much?

I have been CC for a year and my services include carpets, tile & grout and sandless refinishing. I was looking at the HOS website (not that I have an Orbot but I was checking out pads) and saw they have HOS StoneFlash Pads for polishing marble and it got me hard would it be to take a class for marble polishing and is there a market for it? From the little I know you get a good $/sq ft. Idea

...I say O/O's only because I know with employees there will be quality control issues and it would be more complicated to add services.
The more you know....the more you can offer.

Something like cleaning, you don't need to be a master most of the time and can still do really good work.

If I'm not mistaken, the HOS flash pads are pretty simple. I was checking them out at an event I went to.

I don't offer the service....and probably won't....But that's just pure laziness on my part. Tongue

Let us know how it turns out.

If you are a one-person owner / operator company are you better off spending your time marketing and selling your current number of services or adding additional services and then working to fill your schedule that way.

Adding additional services adds complexity in inventory, equipment maintenance, etc. to your business and will the additional complexity be worth the effort?

I'm not suggesting I know the answer the answer - it depends on many factors but if you were my client I'd want to know how close to full capacity you are, whether you are getting as much business as possible for your current services in your geographic area, what your level of ambition is, how much competition you have for your current services and proposed service, what your current retention rate is, and whether your current customers need or want the additional service you are considering. Lots of questions need to be answered before you make a decision.

Larry Galler
Small Business Greatness Coach
I can say from experience, when adding a service - when you are already swamped - doesn't work. Do what you love - exceptionally well - & you'll never go hungry & never go to work again.

If you are looking at the Stone Flash pads, look into the Cheetah pads. Same concept as the Stone Flash but a slightly different design to the resin pucks. Also a little lower cost. I kinda wonder if the Stone Flashes are actually made by the Cheetah folks with a different puck design. I actually gave an estimate to a guy a week ago for polishing his concrete floor in his condo. Haven't heard back from him yet. This is something I will defiantly be doing if I can find the customers.

Most of my business is carpet, area, oriental rugs & upholstery with a little tile & grout and a bit of Laminator Plus. I've thought of adding stretching & repairs but haven't yet because I'm busy enough for now. Will look into it in the Winter.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

I offer enough services now to keep me busy and that is probably what I will stick with....just thinking of $/sq ft and wondering what the difficulty level is.