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Full Version: The snow storm.
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The snow storm we are having on this board is in honor of Colby, up in Alaska, posting on this
I wondered what was up. LOL
Oh that again. I remember the snow from when I first started coming here.

More likely explanation than "snow is in honor of Coby posting on the board"....

The real likelyhood is that my posting caused some kind of a short in the programming. At my age, I now know that I not only can destroy anything mechanical in record time, but I'm also especially effective in the area of electronics.

Why do you think it was so important for John G. to get the first Trinity off to me? My record had spoken for itself... I've broke parts that John had forgotton were even on the machines he has sent to me....

The big big big BIG plus to the new model is that everything is built to "Coby Proof" standards..... I really believe that they have, but, as always, my abilities to find weak points will come to fruition soon after the machines arrival here....

Snow already? Nah... although it has "stuck" as early as September 1st, it is much more likely way off in the future.... like October 15th. I continue to purchase large rolls of black plastic to burn in the back yard trying to encourage global warming... may not be much, but I do what I can.... clap .

...snow?....what snow? Big Grin