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Full Version: Endangered Species?
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Is carpet becoming an endangered species?

Virtually every modern home we visit today has the downstairs in tile and grout or hardwood with just the upstairs in carpet.

Single story homes will have carpeted bedrooms and the rest in something else.

I know this is a popular trend but I wonder if it's more of a fad or just a long term shift in home living?

Personally speaking, I like carpet. I'm barefoot indoors and walking on non-carpeted flooring is not enjoyable for me.
I find that people are doing what I've said to do for years and years....Not that they listened to me or anything. Dodgy Big Grin

"Carpet your living areas and hard surface your walk areas"

That seems to be happening more than anything else.

The good new is I pretty much only charged for living areas anyway so it's a win for me. clap

PLUS I can still sub out tile and grout cleaning...Now I can sub out wood cleaning more as well.

If you're finding more tile etc.....Then tile cleaning cleaning etc should be a part of your program.

...there's been a swing towards hard surfaces since around 2000. Was trending slightly until mid-2000 when it exploded. I left the self employed world during 2004-05 and worked inside sales at my local ProSource and witnessed this, firsthand. This fact is also reflected in the increased need to clean area rugs and the interest in setting up offsite pits.

You may see it swing back slightly towards carpet due to the economy. It still remains the most cost-effective floor covering with the least disruption to the home during installation.

So endangered? No. But be prepared to clean other surfaces to meet your minimum charge. Ive been getting many calls stating they have just one room of carpet, therefore I am cleaning upholstery, area rugs and tile and grout during the same visit.