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Steamin Demon hose - Grant D - 09-02-2013

Have any of you Steamin Demon or other similar machine users tried this sort of a hose? Looks like it would work?

Several years ago I spent a lot of money trying different hoses out and none of them performed like the stock hoses, but those are bulky, heavy and a bit hard to manage IMO.

RE: Steamin Demon hose - thecleaningdude - 09-02-2013

Don't these hoses emit a little moisture when in use?

If not, they would be awesome!

RE: Steamin Demon hose - Jeff Brown - 09-03-2013

They wouldn't work for a discharge hose but might for the water supply if they don't kink and if they hold up to heat.
There's a company that makes a more commerical type flex hose that might work better.

RE: Steamin Demon hose - Grant D - 09-04-2013

Thanks Jeff, I don't know why that didn't occur to me but it obviously wouldn't work for the dump hose. Oops