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Hoax refuted! - Steve Smith - 03-11-2014

Hoax refuted! - Ryankettering - 03-11-2014

Nice video Steve.

RE: Hoax refuted! - Paul Demers - 03-11-2014

There you go again Steve, confusing the issue with facts!!!

RE: Hoax refuted! - Grant D - 03-11-2014

I've done that one myself many times... The hoax-ster never could explain to me how his product that dried sticky could be expected not to attract dirt or release from the carpet. He insists however that everything is different if only I could look through a microscope at what is actually going on the tiny ends of the carpet... and there are those who seem to claim also that the expand and shatter encaps will become airborne and ruin your lungs. Seems to me the encap will be heavier than dirt and thus remain on the ground.

Nice job Mr. Steve.hatsoffhatsoff

RE: Hoax refuted! - thecleaningdude - 03-11-2014

Great clip! Looks like the proof is in the pudding....errr....crystalizer....I mean film foamer....wait....the proof is in the pepper!

RE: Hoax refuted! - Tucker - 03-12-2014

Good job Steve.

RE: Hoax refuted! - Sergio Asse - 04-11-2014

I don't get it, aren't all encap solutions Film formers. You have to figure the stuff is going to flake off eventually and be vacuumed up.

RE: Hoax refuted! - Vacoo - 07-18-2017

Nice video