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Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - Rick Imby - 12-26-2015

So why are most of the OP manufacturers morons when it comes to their websites?

Hos---website does not work--i never got a link to a company that sells their machines---5 minutes wasted

Trinity Website sometimes works ---not working now.  No price or availability of anything at this time.  Pictures of the grumpy scrolling across the top --No pictures of the MX or the Sport.
Trinity is the only people that sell their stuff so their website should rock---Tons of videos up they can link to in their website.

John G--I like you, but put up a great educational website that has your product explained and show what can be done with your equipment.  Slow down the Evolution of the Trinities---lol---   Make a couple of very well thought out machines that hold up---no paint issues--- at a couple of price points.

The Orbitec website looks like the 4th grade class started a website project and after half a day the class was cancelled---Wow.

Clark--I don't know you but you have some of the best values in OP machines.  I know you used to make John's machines for him.  Hire a college kid with web knowledge for ($20 per hour) one thousand dollars to build you an educational sales website.  Two or three extra sales from the site will pay for the work.

Then I went to the Vario website.  Hmm they educate me on what OP is how it works, videos, explanation of the machine and videos.

Now I don't wonder why the Vario is selling well--Pretty, simple well marketed.

I then looked at the Challenger website.  Pretty good, explains the system sells everything from soup to Ops.

They don't get any coverage on the boards....

RE: Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - thecleaningdude - 12-27-2015

Hi Rick,

What OP's are you considering? Are you exiting the bicycle business?

RE: Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - Mardie VanBree - 12-27-2015

Rick I totally agree. The thing is that no matter how good your equipment is. The website is what portrays the equipments image and is responsible for instilling confidence or not.

RE: Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - Con Schultz - 12-27-2015

totally agree, esp when john has his own web guy - unless they not getting along anymore?? havent heard anything good or bad there, but makes me wonder too


RE: Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - Rick Imby - 12-27-2015

No, I just have this strange attraction to the Carpet cleaning business.

I am still in the Bicycle Parts Mail order business.  I sold my bicycle shop to my son a few years ago.  He is doing great.

My Zbikenut Amazon Store

My zbikenut Ebay bike parts store

I am in the process of going back into the website business.  Not sure which end of it I will enter.  I am going to spend 6 weeks in the Philippines hanging out and hiring a couple of web people...

RE: Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers - Derek - 12-28-2015

nailed it.

great thread Rick.

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