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Which pads do you guys use and like the best
(04-01-2017, 03:35 AM)thecleaningdude Wrote:
(03-23-2017, 05:44 PM)kevinj6121 Wrote: Which pads do you guys use and like the best, fibre plus pads from excellent supply, revive or revive plus pads from bonnet pro, planetary pads from encap store or the Agiclean Pads from orbot, I have a vibe being delivered tomorrow

Hi Kevin,

All the pads you mentioned work great. Keep in mind that you'll be using a Velcro driver and because of this you'll want to keep your pads on the thinner side - cotton, microfiber and fiber.

says the guy who sells Planetary Pads....speaks volumes about Damon. he'd rather steer you in the right direction than sell you something that you didn't ask for. love it clap
Currently retired from HWE; VLM only. Commercial Only...well except for the occasional resi job every few weeks.

Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY
Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

The tools I use or have on the van ... in order from most used, to least used:  Dyson ; 19" Cimex ; Multi-Sprayer ; Orbot ; Oreck-Orbiter ; Hoover-Conquest ; Cyclo Polisher ; DryPod ; 20" Whittaker Trio.
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