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New Product! - Commercial Magic
(05-07-2017, 07:32 AM)Steve Smith Wrote: Hi Derek,

I have long understood there was a demand and a need for a high pH product that crystallizes.  We have worked hard to create such a formula every since we introduced the ever popular Grease Hawg (film former) back in June of 2014.

I must admit, it was a difficult formula to master, but we refused to give up while having hundreds of failures.  My wife calls me a "Bull Dog".  We were very close many times, but was not 100% satisfied with a formula until now. 

The problem in producing such a formula is two fold.  One is cost and the other is high pH.  Most polymers do not lend themselves to crystallize well at a pH more than 9 or so.  The high pH part was the most difficult obstacle, but we finally found the right combination with Commercial Magic! 

As to comparing it to our other crystallizing products.  It will clean as well at 2oz per gallon as Hot Knife will at 4oz per gallon.  The drawback is that it should not be used on Stain Master type carpet still under warranty due to the pH being over 10.   Each product has its purpose.

Commercial Magic will clean a bit better than Grease Hawg and has the advantage of contains a combination of anti-resoiling polymers which produce excellent crystallization and do an even better job of fighting against sticky residues.  For folks that like to have a higher forming product for VLM, Commercial Magic has the better foam height.

There really isn't much more that I can say about it that isn't already in the product info at:  The SDS, the label and the Technical Bulletin all have links at the bottom of that page.

The 25% off introductory offer is a great deal and will expire May 14th. 



Hi Steve,
congrats; on the new product.

Have a couple of typical questions to ask.

What size is it available in, I presume 1 gallon??

What is the odor.
Will I be able to buy this through your Australian agent?? Probably have to ask them myself if they will be getting it in awwwman

& the always asked question, especially of us down under guys, price  for 4 x 1 gallon, roughly so we can gain an idea of landed price.

Cheers mate,

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