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The encap dry down?
(06-07-2017, 04:38 PM)mjb4ex Wrote: Everyone likes to to tweak stuff.  I know guys who put iso alcohol in their encap.  I've heard quatenary ammonias can effect encap negatively.  It's a million degrees here in Arizona...So what happens when we put something in our encap or do something that effects it negatively?  It doesn't film or crystalize?  Does putting a little 
RTU encap and whatever we might mix in it in a petri dish and letting it dry down really tell us if there was negative effects?  Thanks!

RTU might not tell you what you need to know due to being so diluted.  Dry down your mixture, full strength, and that will reveal the compatibility of the mixture.  You certainly do not to use Quats as an additive.  Quats are cationic.  Encaps are either anionic or non-ionic.
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