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"Halt" chemical usage for wicking
I get a lot of cgd trashed nylon and olefin carpet to "restore".
Basically, I vacuum, pre-spray with DA & 2oz per gal of 40 vol peroxide,
pile lift, extract with TM, pad clean with an OP machine and finally put an air mover on it.
I have some wick back but the level depends on how soiled the carpet was. My question is, "Will Halt used as a final spray, keep any wick back
from occuring?"

Thanks in advance,
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A post bonnet with peroxellent should do it.

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"Wick back" happens because A.) you didn't get the stain out while cleaning or B.) you're using too much moisture. Try using a stain remover on the spots instead of just 'running the machine over it'. Peroxcellent does work REALLY well on stains. It keeps working after you're long as the carpet is damp.

Keep in mind, that some stains are just permanent. If you're getting this reoccurring, then try going slower over the stains, or if you're using Peroxcellent, you can put plastic over the spot so the Peroxcellent doesn't dry up quickly, and keeps on working. The plastic will slow the drying time and keep the perroxide working.

As for using "Halt", I've never tried the stuff. But hope this helps, and let us know on your results so we can all learn.


Keep it Clean, Keep it Longer.
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Halt isn't meant to be used like a prespray... It should be used undiluted and to use it straight like a prespray over large areas would be very, costly.

The advice given above by Jimmy and Brent is good... Peroxcellent is the answer. With Peroxcellent you get the cleaning power, the peroxide and help with wicking all in one product.

We do not sell a lot of HALT because all of our encap products help with wicking issues... where HALT really comes in handy is when you still have a few spots that continue to be troublesome and wick back. Especially in places where there have been coke or sugary drink spills.

It is also great for removing sticky, soapy residue such as when someone spills liquid detergent on a carpet. Use it as a final step to cleaning such areas... it dries soaps to a non-sticky powder than will be removed when vacuumed.

IMO, halt is something that everyone should keep on their truck, but will not have to use very often if they are also using our encap products.

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Thanks for the responses....I will re-post when I have another trashed
carpet and let you know how the cleaning went. Smile
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