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Steamin Demon in Cali
This looks like a steal for someone on the west coast:
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Nice find!

How often do you use your SD, Phillip?

Is it easy to use?
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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When I first started, I used it for everything, now, probably 15% or less, mostly pushing VLM. I save it for the nasty pet jobs that are too much for a spotting machine, or when there is actually something in the carpet that needs to be flushed out. Most of the time, my VLM method after a good vacuuming is all that's needed.

I do use it in the rug shop on rugs that I don't feel comfortable doing an immersion wash on. I think it's the next best thing with it's incredible flushing action.

It's very easy to use. Setup is 2 minutes most of the time, it's light too.

I really think it's the perfect addition to a VLM cleaners arsenal. It doesn't take up much room in the van, but it gives you the option of using HWE when it's needed, because let's face it, sometimes it is needed.
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