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SAVAGE Electric Truck Mount
#21 you are!

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(09-02-2010, 03:21 PM)Bob Savage Wrote:
Morton Wrote:Do not judge Bob, or his machine, by the looks of that crappy 1980 Astro Van he has it packed into. I want to see actual picture of cleaners with the machine in a NICE NORMAL VAN. One that professional people are not embarrassed to be seen in!

Just saying ...

Ahem... They didn't make the first Astro van until 1985 pigbreath.

My Astro happens to be a 2000. Sure, it has 94,000 miles on the odometer, but they say it will go 300,000 before the motor needs to be replaced.

If I thought you really wanted to see our electric truckmount in a brand new van, I'd put you in touch with Morry in Iowa, who bought a brand new van for his SAVAGE, or Gus in Houston, who bought 2 new vans for his 2 Savage's, but I know you just like giving us a hard time.

'Just saying...

send me some info on the electric TM, I think youd get more performance out of an electric motor, send info to
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