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Would you do this if you lost out on a job
Was out on a residential job doing TG and carpet and after I got well into the job the lady told me that she got two other bids and the one company that bid on this job drove by 3 times and then called her to find out why they did not get the job and asked about my price. I will be doing this clients commercial site now and the lady of the house told me that she has many friends within this ethnic community that need this type of work done.
I wonder if this company that was stalking me is going to follow up on my results. I had a pretty good feeling these guys were all over me like flies on sh-t but to me it seems pathetic for a significant company to conduct business like this. They probably do more work in one day than I do in a month.
What do you think
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We did one last year and while cleaning a friendly competitor stopped by. After he left the homeowner said he was just driving by a saw our truck and wanted to know if he had done something wrong. Because he had always cleaned carpets for this homeowner.

The competitor is really a nice guy but to me that seemed creepy. Homeower thoight so too and said hevwould never call him again.
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creepy yes ! and the home owner I was working for actually mentioned it a couple of times and said she could not believe that they were driving by and then called.
I went back tonight at 7pm to pick up my fans and she was smiling from ear to ear and told me that this was absolutley the best job she has ever had.
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