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first day out with the new techno not planned
Don't know what went wrong Thursday night cleaned a grease pit 4 hours gas truck mount ran great with no hiccups.

I had to go to seattle on Friday to pick up some plastic for a waste tank
drove to my first job this morning and the blower is not moving at all.

I tried all the usual tricks no go.

So back home put the techno in the other van ( easy it only weighs around 100 pounds ) hooked every thing up crossed my fingers and went back to work.

I had no time to test the unit and I was hoping I did everything right the first time.

Guess I did

missed no work and with a busy next week I wont miss a beat.

on the video notice I was plugged into a gfi I would like to see some one with a 220 machine do that, hahahahahahaha

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