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Great clip.

Terry, what is the average life of an electric vac motor?

Also, what's selling more now, the Petrol Viking or the Techno?
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Is it as good as a Bane?
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(09-11-2013, 06:25 AM)Rug Beater Wrote: Is it as good as a Bane?

don't be a moron

the new vac motors have a life span of around 1000 not counting customer abuse.

Techno is selling a little more right now than the Petro

If you have nothing to start from the Petro is a better deal

If you already have all the tools heater and such the Techno.
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Still have and use my Techno (courtesy of the Andy Foundation) every day. It turns on every time, has great power, and has never let me down once! Awesome!

I plan on buying a couple of backup vac motors and already have a backup pump waiting.

A Petro will no doubt my next TM once I am ready to make that jump!!
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