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Mission Statements and their Effect
Larry I seen you comments about Garys mission statement and thought it would make a good thread.

Do people read them and do they take them seriously or just look at them as marketing BS. I know some companies that have an elaborate mission statement that is not at all representative in how they conduct their business.

To me some mission statements seem so long winded and so rehersed kinda like you read one you read them all ,pretty much the same bla bla.

I made mine as short and sweet as possible so I can put it on everything without taking up to much room and also so people will read it. I put mine on the top of the About us Page because the BBB showed an article that this page has the most influence on a potential client to follow up and hire you. Mine is as follows:

Our goal is to provide you with service, results and value for your dollar spent "Beyond Compare"
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Mardee, a Mission Statement can be extremely important IF it ised properly but if it isn't used (and most of them are not used) they are not worth the paper they are written on.

Together with the two other foundational statement - Vision and Values - they become the basis for your business, how you market your business and to whom, how you hire and train your staff, how you treat your vendors, your banker, and your community.

How do you use a Mission Statement?

Imagine you meet someone - could be at a business networking event or someone you are sitting next to at church... they ask "What do you do for a living?"

You could say, as most carpet cleaners do, "I'm a carpet cleaner." And you would sound like a commodity - probably just as good as the next guy. But imagine if you said, "I own XYZ Carpet Cleaning company where our goal is to provide you with service, results and value for your dollar spent "Beyond Compare!" (as you hand them your business card). It's whole different story now. You are seen as different and better than the next guy.

Does this answer your question?

I could type for hours about this and integrating your Vision and Values into your Mission but that's for another time.

Larry Galler
The Small Business Greatness Coach
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For me, the "Mission Statement" is as much for internal use as it is external use. If you as the owner of the company do not have a written vision, you have no path to follow; with no path to follow you do not know what fork in the road to take. Business is hard enough as it is, to try to build a successful business from the seat of your pants without vision and goals in front of you, very hard. As a small single man operation it may not be as difficult to build a business without thinking of where you want to be in say five years, as long as you are content with that outcome in five years. I am not content with being in the same position I am in now in five years; so, it is very important to me to have a mission and vision statement that spell out my path to get me to that goal.

The importance of a mission statement when using it as marketing is greater when you are focused on targeting corporate America as your source of cleaning income. If you are a residential cleaner only, it probably does not matter as much unless you are going to be a multi-truck operation and you want your employee's following the mission and values of the company.

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Gary, I completely agree with you about a Mission (and the other foundational statements) being important both internally and externally.

Using Mardee's statement as an example:

Our goal is to provide you with service, results and value for your dollar spent "Beyond Compare"

Yes, it is a great marketing message worthy of being promoted on the side of the truck or in every marketing message but it also works inside the company to communicate the owner's expectations to the staff for the quality of their work, the respect they show in the customer's home. It also works to explain the business to the banker when applying for a loan, to a prospective landlord when renting a warehouse / office / storage space to help them understand the type of business they might be renting to )not just a carpet cleaner, an exceptional cleaner who provides customers with service, results, and value beyond compare - I believe the landlord would be more likely to negotiate better terms to Mardee's company than to someone who can't talk about their company in such glowing terms.

These statements are that roadmap and moral compass, the essence of the business and can be used in many ways to further the business.

Larry Galler
The Small Business Greatness Coach
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