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Funny night - NOT CC
I posted this on the Oz forum, thought I might give a couple of you a laugh also.

Had a funny one last night. (Sunday).

Came out of the Casino & found this kid tagging cars.

So me mate & I grabbed him and ripped his clothes off except for his jox.

We then emptied his spray paint cans all over him and then let him go.

We did give him his wallet, keys, backpack, etc; but not his (now empty) cans, nor his shoes and clothes.

He was a sight to behold, very pretty rainbow coloured kid as he skulked down the street looking very sheepish.

I wonder if he'll do that again.?

Hope the coppers don't read this.

Someone on Shorty's computer. Big Grin

PS:: Me mate used to be a lightweight boxer in his day whereas I used to be a fairly solid street bluer.

Moral of the story??

Don't mess with old guys, especially after a few pints of Guinness and full of Dutch courage. Angel hatsoff
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wow LOL Good Job Would of loved to be their. Was he making girly noises when you were doing this ? Were you guys talking tough to scare him or were you laughing at him and making it sound fun the whole time while you were doing this ?
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Shorty come to think about it do you realize that when you were taking his close of that he probably thought you guys were going pleasure your self on his back side LOL
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He sure was a bit excited, screaming how sorry he was and he won't do it again, blah, blah....

I don't think he had "pleasurable" thoughts. Wink

More like he thought he was going to be bashed...

Worst part is, I was holding him while me mate did the spraying, so I ended up with flamin' paint on me as well, whilst me mate nearly pee'd himself laughing.

Two old drunks easily amused. Big Grin

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