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A nice touch...
You might know Randy Pierce. He's one of my local buddies and works with his son, Shaun. Here's a special he's running this month. Pretty thoughtful and a nice way to build good will.

[Image: cure_pink_FINAL.jpg]
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I have to agree. Very nice.
NickGood Job
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When you give 5% of what...?

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Five percent of the invoice.
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Wow that's really impressive!
You never rolled in the hay
Ya never thrown it in four wheel
Climb on up in here, girl
Let me show ya how country feels

"How Country Feels" Randy Houser

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I have thought of this on 10% as well... have never got there as yet though.

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The colors of this postcard Suck....

Who do you think you are marketing this to? Women?

Just joking! Great layout and pink line I mean punch line...

“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. “ – Anonymous

Lancaster Tree Service

*Cricket Prepaid Cell Phones*

*Straight Talk Wireless Rollover*
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...

Henry Ford
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The ads designed by Wayne stand out... Here is another one.
[Image: LogoSmall.jpg]
Products that make you a HERO in your customer's eyes!Rdance
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Steve is now marketing to the illegal Mexicans. Grass mowing ... good grief.

Wait til jImMY sees this! Shoot you
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That's John's ad stupit!

Either you can't read english or you thought it was written in SpANiSH?

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An ad should interest me within 2 seconds so I will read it.

That one did not.

Put some skinny blonde where the mower is and maybe...
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I like the ad and I like the idea.

Great job Wayne
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