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IICRC President paid me a visit yesterday
Tony Wheelwright, a very nice fellow and a good friend of my mine was in Nashville yesterday and stopped by to see me and to pick up a few VacAway products.

A few years back, when I still had my carpet cleaning company, Tony came and spent a couple of days with me. He went out on one of my trucks with one of my guys and was shown how we cleaned carpet with OP... he liked it! He later starting buying our encap products and is a big fan of encapsulation.

With Tony at the helm of the IICRC, IMO, things can't help but improve GREATLY for all methods of carpet cleaning, including VLM. The organization is getting back to what it was designed to do in the first place... be of a great service to carpet cleaners.

BTW, old Tony is a Canuck. You guys can be proud even if he was transplanted from South Africa. Big Grin
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I remember when he used to post a lot on the boards. I always enjoy them. A good man to have as president of IICRC.
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