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few new hwe goodies :)
since there seems to be a few guys adding hwe or maybe already have it thought some of you should see some of the newer goodies out. I have also mentioned this wand to a few guys here Smile

First. Vt14 clearview wand.
adjusting new jets for my shear kit. explained in video) but worth it in my opinion. Might need to full screen it to see it properly.

I had a knock off wand that I needed to get up to par so I ordered a new head that had a view window ( cool! ) always great to know if you either a) should make a second wet pass because its dirtier then you think or b) extra dry pass needed

highly recommend the vt14 wand from Joe B. Truly excellent price.

the hugger corner guard...It must be spring steel at the top. It nicely grips the wall or whatever its on!


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Love them corner protectors. They look a lot more versatile and functional than the MB famous Duck Guards. What kind of GPM are you able to flow with tap water feed and that wand ? Dose the clear view show the dirt good enough so you know what is going on ?
With the Tsunami I am thinking about beefing up the plumbing and adding a high volume 4-5 gpm low psi pump (200 psi) for straight water flushing/Mud Flusher with no chems then speed dry then clean with VLM.
I may also add an 8.4 vac motor which will take some fabricating.

Does Joe B. have a BB or website I can check out ? I keep hearing great things about his products but have never looked into him.

To bad Mikey and his boys pissed Joe off along with so many other great suppliers. The readers on that board are missing out on a lot of good product and info.
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I've never seen the Hugger before, is that a Joe B product?

That is a cool looking wand love the adjustable jets, I had a wand with a view window years ago, really loved that feature.
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They really are good corner protectors ! but you still need some of the duk or standard type guards for 90 degree corners.
[Image: 2013-10-18160240.jpg]

Joe hasn't added the hugger to his site yet but they priced great!

Mardie, not sure how much it would flow with tap water. Not real impact with these jets even though they are massive ( 11003 x5 )

here is the vt14 ( also vt12") check out the price guys... that is WITH glide lol
why anyone would buy a prochem ti these day is beyond me ( and yes ive put allot of hours behind the ti )

I wouldn't want to be without the adjustable shear now
[Image: 2014-07-18191351.jpg]

He sort of has 2 sites still? Not sure which is his current main one

If you guys are running 2 jet cheap wands that came with your set up take a look
also if your running the vinyl cuffs with the insert still on your vac hoses check out his stuff!

Grumpy,cm,cimex, 175's 13"-20",square pad,cyclo's,stepson wannabe
aerotech tm (actually KNOW how to use it Tongue), ninja portable, steamin demon(tsunami)
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For those that don't know, Dustin started with HWE, then went VLM only and for the last two years or so has been HWE/VLM.

Yes, we're almost all single method cleaners here, but if you have a cleaning question, or are considering adding HWE, he is the man to talk to. He has strong knowledge of virtually every tool and method.
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