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Severely matted down carpet?
I'm back with another question that has probably already been covered. But anyway what I am curious about today is there any way to get severely matted down carpet to come up? I'm talking about traffic lanes around a bed for example. I almost always can get it clean but sometimes I wonder if there's a way to get the matted appearance out ? I have limited experience at this and also wonder if a tm makes a difference on such matting or if it does how long does the carpet actually stay standing up? Any tips tricks or advice is always appreciated.
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I believe that there is no carpet cleaning machine on the planet earth that will stand up severely matted down carpet.
I have used a soup spoon and it works good but is hard work and will not stay that wayYikes
The fastest easiest and best way I have found is when I use my dry vapour steamer with a 1 inch round nylon tip. I will do this for area rugs but it will just go back to that packed down look in a very short time.
Due to the material used to make these cheap problem carpets they will always have that ugly packed down look.

Hope someone here can help further.
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First, it is THEIR problem, don't make it YOURS.

My experience with a TM, it won't make a difference.

A CRB or rotary with carpet brush will help greatly.

Under promise and over deliver.

How bad is it? Do you have a photo?
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I do use a carpet brush on a rotary. But this was so smashed down it wasn't coming up. The customer was ok with it. I was just looking to see if anyone knew any other tricks to this.
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(09-27-2014, 03:23 PM)Acropolis Wrote: I do use a carpet brush on a rotary. But this was so smashed down it wasn't coming up. The customer was ok with it. I was just looking to see if anyone knew any other tricks to this.
Do you know what kind of fiber it is? Dreaded poly or olefin maybe. Much worse to deal with. Sometimes nothing you can do. It is an inherent characteristic of the fiber. Not as resilient.

Way back when John was first introducing his Trinity machines I remember posts talking about one of his congregation/diciplesTongue using the Trinity without a pad. That is the drive brush only to bring up the severely matted ones in rentals.

Still an option???
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with the equipment i have on hand, i would try my Trio CRB with the Blue brushes, and then possibly my Cimex with the stiff yellow brushes (which are generally for Tile&Grout...these yellow brushes are SUPER stiff and would be a last resort in case of damaging the carpet.)
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If it is that matted most likely it is an olefin fiber, if so, we run the red brush on it with the trinity, stands it straight up, but don't do that on a nylon.
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100% agree with GreenTechAgain. It's their problem and let them know that.

With that being said, an op machine, crb, and rake are your best friend here. Good luck!
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Curious how this happens!!! Just had one yesterday. !!

Yes, it was olefin. Rental. 99% looked brand new. Of course very light creme. Cut pile. Very small ares in Liv room was bad. You have all seen this and know what I am talking about.

Prepped, strong Grease Hawg spiked with Detonator. Scrubbed just the dirty bad spot , maybe about 10- 15 sq.ft. Scrubbed with 175, shower feed and a fiber plus pad. extracted(HWE) repeat , extracted repeat, repeat - - -.
That spot just did not respond.

then resorted to TMF preload with Tile M added. Sprayed and scrubbed some more... Nada. Area still brown..
Bucket and spotter claw, with still another VLM chem. what kind I don't think matters. Nope. Still brown .
padded as well with glads. , and a few microfiber. All to see if I could get any better. The bonnets pulled no soil.. But it was still mud brown. deadhorsedeadhorsedeadhorse
Blend and mend???
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