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Issues Cleaning Car Seat - Browning Problem
Having some issues on a job. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!

Customer called saying the seats had brown patches all over. The seats looked clean before I left so I asked for them to text me a picture. Sure enough, it looks like brown patches here and there. I am new to the independent cleaner lifestyle and the vacaway products so I am not 100% sure what the issue is. Got a good idea, but wanted some second opinions.

Job Details:
Clean two removable seats from a mini-van. Owners are smokers and have a medium sized dog that frequently rides in the vehicle. Man made cloth type material about 4mm thick.

Equipment / Product Used:
Upholstery Vacuum, Encap-GREEN @ 4oz per gallon, horsehair brush, 150psi extractor with heater using tap water (Didn't test ph but would guess its between 6.8 and 7.2)

Method of Cleaning:
Pre-vacuum followed by encap-GREEN solution with a ten minute dwell time and slight agitation with the horsehair brush. After dwell time, complete extraction with the 150psi extractor using tap water.

My thoughts:
A) PSI was too high and left too much moisture which created a wick back issue from the tobacco smoke located in the pad of the seats.

B) PH of tap water could have been way off which created a browning issue.

C) Something I haven't thought of but you did.

Once again, any and all help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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Use a peroxide product instead.
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I find that auto uph must be dryed quickly as the dirt from animals will return to the surface.Use fans or the sun. Use realcleans sugestion. One thing after the spot retuns try just a damp cloth with your cleaner and gently aggatate.
OP crb HWE Orick orbital ophand buffer
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Update: Added some detonator to the mix and very lightly sprayed the browning areas. Followed up with a damp terry cloth and placed an air mover in front of the pieces for about 20 minutes. Worked like a charm!

Thanks Guys!
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