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Grease Hog & Hot Knife X-treme Mix?
My go to mixture is 4 oz Grease Hog, 4 oz Hot Knife X-treme, 5 oz Detonator per gallon. I use this on very soiled carpets with an OP machine, grey pads with the scrub stripes. I'm getting great results every time. But am I over doing it? My thoughts are the HKE is giving me a little more crystallizing power. Any thoughts - opinions? Thanks for your response!!
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  • curtis
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nice, if it works stick with it.
Currently retired from HWE; VLM only. Commercial Only...well except for the occasional resi job every few weeks.

Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY
Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

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JMO but I think your using too much chemical mix. GH or HKE would work stand alone. At least it does for me.
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