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Does anybody specifically have experience using a 175 vs. a CRB to pre-scrub carpets prior to HWE? If so, I would like to know which actually does a better job. No longer have a truck mount, using a porty, so pre scrubbing just became more of a necessity. Thank you
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I just gave away a 175. Literally. NEVER use it. Just said, "here, you can have it."

I just can't see a real need for one unless that's just all you've got. They're just too heavy and slow. If you have a CRB and an OP, you're set.
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Thank you, Real Clean. Have you used an OP and a CRB for pre-scrubbing before HWE? If so, what is your opinion as to which is better?
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I've used a 175, OP and a Crb for pre scrubbing prior to hwe. IMO, On a cut pile residential type carpet the Crb is heads and shoulders better. Not to mention how much lighter the crb is than either a 175 or OP.

On berber or low pile commercial a 175 or OP is slightly better than the crb.

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Agree, CRB is more beneficial in most applications. OP is better for Berber, CGD, and similar.
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A rotary with a good brush will scrub as good as a crb but won't lift it to the surface or groom the carpet like the crb.
If I had to chose between the rotary and crb to pre scrub I would pick the rotary because of other things I could use the rotary for as long as the weight of the rotary wasn't a problem.

A rotary scrub with a brush or vct pad followed by a micro or cotton pad beats the crb in cleaning apearance so does an op, but when you use the compound with the crb that will give you as good of results as the rotary or op.
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I have a CRB and 175, love them both and would never get rid of either one. If you already have both i'd say keep em, the 175 with a good carpet brush will work on any carpet, the CRB  I find not as good on certain carpets.
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I think the CRB collects and will remove about 85% of the dirt, dog hair and stains on cut pile before I use an OP.  Same as above on Berber and CGD, except I reverse my process and CRB with 2nd pass and skip the post vac.
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