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Porty Power hey
I just got done a job cleaning 5 floors of elevator lobbies in a large parking garage.
All electricity and water was on the 5th floor which is all office space.
I set my pump and Goliath up in the 5th floor offices and used 175 ft. of 2" hose to get to the bottom floor. I ran the hoses DOWN the stair well.
I used a 15" Turbo Hybrid with .02 jets at 1700 psi. cleaning a tough vinyl type flooring. I started of using 2 vac motors for the 5th and 4th floors then kicked in another vac motor for the 3rd and second floor and then kicked in my last vac motor for the ground floor.
The Goliath performed just as good on the bottom floor as it did on the top floor. Did not spill a drop.

To see a porty recovering 3gpm at 1700 psi on a 15" turbo hybrid and pulling water strait up a 5 story stair well and auto pump out to drain looked pretty cool to me.
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