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It aint over till the fat lady sings and what a beutyfull voice she has
5 years ago I go into this facility looking for work and this maintanece manager is leading me on as though he may have some work for me. He even got me to remove a couple of stains to see what I can do. I found out later that he cleans carpet on the side with a couple of helpers Yikes So as you can see he was just toying with me. Anyway the same guy that told me he was a carpet cleaner also told me about this real nice commercial contract that he had which he cleans monthly. Demon Wink  I went to see this commercial contract he had and tried to scoop it from him because of how he treated me. Did not work. BTW the carpets in this place always looked like crap due to all the dark trails.

Now 5 years later this place calls me up a few weeks ago to come in and give a quote. I quoted it as a restorative cleaning and called it a multi step process. Told them it would take two separate visits to get the carpet back to as good as it can be. The first visit I will be removing all the muck so that I can get the carpet in good enough condition to do a proper cleaning. The second visit I will do the final clean.
I went in today and completed the first stage. (actually it is fantastic the way it is dance )  

When I was done the person in charge told me a little story. The owners asked her to give the other guy a second chance because of all his complaining about being replaced. She did not cancel me but did have him come in and try to save himself from loosing this job. Now the good part. He just cleaned it 3 days ago and it was terrible. 
I suspect that if he were to ever contact the owners again that it will be the last time. He had this place since it was new.
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Congrats on your continued success, Martie. 

Curious, what's involved in a 2 step/2 day process?
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

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thanks Damon. The reason I sold it as a 2 step process is because of the size of the job and the short window that they were closed to opening time. When ever I do commercial I like to go do all heavy soiled areas and problem areas first and have them dry before I do my final wall to wall cleaning. Sometimes I use fans to accomplish this. I see carpet like this is like cleaning a muddy car. First you get rid of all the mud then you clean it. 

   On this job the first step was doing all the dark trails/traffic lanes without moving anything. We did spend all our time on them and removed a ton of soil. First we did a reeeal good vacuum then Used 2 Rocks and went over it with micro fiber pads with the first Rock and the second Rock followed with Glad pads. We went over all the traffic lanes 2-3 x with Glads.

We will do the second step next week which will include moving everything and cleaning wall to wall. Should go real fast because all the bull work is done.
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haha, i love it when the givers win and the takers lose.

about how many sq.ft. is this account?
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Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

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Total of 4200 sq.ft. of carpet and they have been getting it done monthly. My guess is that if they are real fussy it will now be about 4-5 times a year. They also have some stone slate and grout to clean. Maybe 500 sq. ft.

Although I see this as a great job to get ,more than anything with this job I am thrilled that I finally got to stick it to the other carpet cleaner that played me for a fool.
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We went to do the final clean on this job yesterday. Even though we did a very very thorough job of vacuuming last week we got as much or more soil from the areas we vacuumed last week. I am thinking that between the chems and all the pounding we did with the OP machines last week that we loosened up a lot of soil that did not vacuum up last time. On the final sweep with glads we got very little soil on the pads.  The carpet is a very thin cgd and the surface feels real hard kinda like wood.
The manager was very friendly when we showed up and the fist thing she asked me was how I get paid. I explained that it is the price on the quote and I will e-mail her the invoice and that it is typically paid with in 30 days. She told me she can pay me cash today and she did. That is the first time I got paid from a commercial job with cash on the same day.
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This job just keeps getting better. Got a call today and the manager sent before and after pics to head office and now they asked me if I would be interested to do there other locations in major centers like Kitchener, Misissauga, Hamilton and Toronto. She asked if I do not want to do it if I can set them up with other people in them areas that clean carpet the same way I do. These jobs are plenty big enough to justify the travel time.
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You da' man!!!!! Woooohoooo!
Coby Gibson

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Great story Mardie.

I am tickled you are doing well...

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...

Henry Ford
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