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Horrible websites by OP Manufacturers
So why are most of the OP manufacturers morons when it comes to their websites?

Hos---website does not work--i never got a link to a company that sells their machines---5 minutes wasted

Trinity Website sometimes works ---not working now.  No price or availability of anything at this time.  Pictures of the grumpy scrolling across the top --No pictures of the MX or the Sport.
Trinity is the only people that sell their stuff so their website should rock---Tons of videos up they can link to in their website.

John G--I like you, but put up a great educational website that has your product explained and show what can be done with your equipment.  Slow down the Evolution of the Trinities---lol---   Make a couple of very well thought out machines that hold up---no paint issues--- at a couple of price points.

The Orbitec website looks like the 4th grade class started a website project and after half a day the class was cancelled---Wow.

Clark--I don't know you but you have some of the best values in OP machines.  I know you used to make John's machines for him.  Hire a college kid with web knowledge for ($20 per hour) one thousand dollars to build you an educational sales website.  Two or three extra sales from the site will pay for the work.

Then I went to the Vario website.  Hmm they educate me on what OP is how it works, videos, explanation of the machine and videos.

Now I don't wonder why the Vario is selling well--Pretty, simple well marketed.

I then looked at the Challenger website.  Pretty good, explains the system sells everything from soup to Ops.

They don't get any coverage on the boards....
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...

Henry Ford
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Hi Rick,

What OP's are you considering? Are you exiting the bicycle business?
I'm just trying to hack my way to glory.

Get Encapsulation Pads & More!

1 X's Orbot, Windsor & Sanitare Vacs, Multisprayer, Oreck Orbitor, Stepson, BrushEncap (TM4) CRB  
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Rick I totally agree. The thing is that no matter how good your equipment is. The website is what portrays the equipments image and is responsible for instilling confidence or not.
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totally agree, esp when john has his own web guy - unless they not getting along anymore?? havent heard anything good or bad there, but makes me wonder too

26 yrs in Alberta Canada. 2 truck & full rug plant operation. Cleanco Compact 47 TMs with RXs. Currently a Rock, a CM, & 2 Freedom Trinity, 3 Stepson. GLS20, rotary, 2 brute 17 & 2 breeze 17. 200psi porty. Dehus & dryers. Master tech.
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No, I just have this strange attraction to the Carpet cleaning business.

I am still in the Bicycle Parts Mail order business.  I sold my bicycle shop to my son a few years ago.  He is doing great.

My Zbikenut Amazon Store

My zbikenut Ebay bike parts store

I am in the process of going back into the website business.  Not sure which end of it I will enter.  I am going to spend 6 weeks in the Philippines hanging out and hiring a couple of web people...
Quality means doing it right when no one is looking...

Henry Ford
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nailed it.

great thread Rick.

Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea
Currently retired from HWE; VLM only. Commercial Only...well except for the occasional resi job every few weeks.

Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY
Carpet Cleaner Rochester NY

The tools I use or have on the van ... in order from most used, to least used:  Dyson ; 19" Cimex ; Multi-Sprayer ; Orbot ; Oreck-Orbiter ; Hoover-Conquest ; Cyclo Polisher ; DryPod ; 20" Whittaker Trio.
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